My old bar manager Dre once claimed that the humble Gin & Tonic is almost the perfect drink! Simple, balanced and so refreshing with almost no effort!

What could be better than sitting outside at The Bucket List on Bondi Beach, sipping on an ice-cold, well made G&T?

There’s no doubt that the G&T has come a long way since you were served one in a wineglass with an ice cube or two and a limp, paper thin slice of lemon. This video reckons things have gone too far!

These days there’s an amazing choice of both Gins and Tonics in most decent bars which can be easily replicated at home.

Gin, Gin and more Gin

Gin, Gin and more Gin

Right now, I’m loving Blackwoods Gin – An amazing drop from the Shetland Islands where they hand-pick wild botanicals to give the liquid a wonderful herby / peppery taste. This goes perfectly with Fentiman’s Herbal Tonic and a sprig of fresh basil from my garden!

Fentiman's Tonic Range

Fentiman’s Tonic Range

The secret to a perfect G&T is a full glass of ice! Then experiment with combinations of Gins and different tonics and remember to stir well with maybe a squeeze of fresh lime.


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