The recent rise in the popularity of organic food, wine and beer has been well documented. Less well known is the growing availability of organic spirits.

The argument for using organic spirits in cocktails is less obvious than eating organic food – the potentially harmful toxic chemicals and pesticides used in farming tend to be mostly, if not completely shed in the fermentation and distillation processes.

However, bartenders tend to attach great value to the providence and manufacturing processes of spirits (e.g. small batch, single malt etc,) so it would make sense to support the benefits of organic farming as well as providing a positive story to their customers.

Importantly for the morning after, there is also some evidence that hangovers are lessened by drinking organic vs non organic spirits!

The crucial measure of a spirit, of course is the taste and Prairie Organic Vodka and Gin provide that in spades.

Tonight’s Cocktail Hour was all about the classic Martinez – considered by many to the the precursor of the Martini.


30ml Prairie Organic Gin

60ml Sweet Vermouth

1 dash of Orange Bitters

2 dashes of Marashino Liqueur

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